Stay in Control of Your Costs and Know Your Minimum Breakeven Cost for each of Your Residents.

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Just like any other business, you need to know how much your care home costs to run.

If you don’t know how much your care home costs to run, then you can’t be in financial control of your it and you can’t be sure that the fees you receive are enough to sustain your it.

And more often than not it isn’t.

The vast majority of care homes struggle financially because they don’t receive the fees they need.

And a big reason for that is because they don’t know what that fee should be because they don’t know their costs.

Without knowing your costs you can’t:

•   Control your spend and run your care home cost effectively.

•   Ensure that it is financially healthy.

•   Invest back into your care home.

•   Set the right fees that you know will cover your running costs.

If you want to put your care home’s future in the hands of your local authorities and CCGs then don’t worry about this - just accept the fees they want to pay or sign up to their contracts. (Hint: This would be a very bad move and the road to insolvency. LAs and CCGs don’t know how much it costs to run your care home or deliver the care your residents need.)

Using the Care Home Running Cost Calculator you can stay in control of your care home business, make sure it runs cost effectively and remains financially viable.

Buy now for just £7

I actually created this tool for my wife to use to manage costs in her care homes a few years ago and she has been using it every year since. When I told her that I was going to update and add new features and offer it to other providers, she wasn’t overly excited. Then I showed her the new and improved version and her reaction was along the lines of “Oh that’s really good. Send it to _______ (person in finance) now.” I knew then that I had created something that I’m confident will make a difference to how you manage your costs.

What's inside the Care Home Running Cost Calculator. 

Each worksheet has all the tables you need to record all of your care home fixed and staff costs for the month. Each sheet includes monthly totals and budgets that you can set your spend against.

The Summary sheet is very powerful. You will be able to see the big picture. Control your spend by comparing against budgets and build a clear picture of how much you are spending each month and what your average monthly fixed, staff and overall running costs are.

Total fixed staff and combined running costs are shown for each month and for the year.

The knowing your monthly average costs is vital as you will need this in order to establish your minimum breakeven cost per resident and how much care you can deliver within that cost.

Stay in control of your monthly departmental and other fixed costs by comparing them to set budgets.

Build an overall average monthly spend that will smooth out the spikes so you can set more accurate budgets and know what your average fixed cost is per resident.

Use this average cost as when setting your bed fees.

Stay in control of your largest spend – your staff.

Record your care and nurse costs separately so that you establish their average cost and know how much care you can deliver each resident as part of this cost.

Together with your average monthly fixed cost, use this average cost as when setting your bed fees. This is crucial when setting your minimum bed cost and calculating how much care really costs to deliver.

Keep a running total and comparison of your costs against annual budget.

Show you overall annual spend against budget.

As your running costs increase through the year you can track your rate of spend and address those areas where spend is higher that it should be at that time of the year.

Charts clearly show your costs versus your budget so that you can easily track your spend and see spikes of spend that need addressing.

The charts also show you average monthly spend that smooth out spikes and troughs to make trends easier to track.

With the Care Home Running Costs Calculator you can:

•   Stay in control of your care home costs.

•   Set and track spend against budgets.

•   Establish your minimum cost per resident so that you set the correct minimum breakeven cost for your bed fees.

•   Work out how much ‘basic’ care you can deliver as part of your running costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will this tool help me how much ‘basic’ care I can provide each resident?
Your monthly care and nurse staff cost represent how much care each resident can receive as part of that cost.

Divide your average monthly care (and nurse if you have them) costs into weeks and days, and by the number of residents you have. You now have a daily care (and nurse) cost per resident.

To work out how much care and nursing time each resident can receive for those costs, divide by their average hourly rates. Now, you have how much time you can allocate your care (and nurse) staff to each resident.

Any time over this should be classed as ‘extra’ care for that specific person, calculated separately and added to your fee cost to establish your true cost of care for that person.

Can I use this tool again each year?
Absolutely. Use the tool for the year and re-save it under a different name (using the year in the name) the following year. See where overspend have taken place and use this tool to help you set even more accurate budgets the following year.

Is there a guarantee?

Yep…all our products have a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.
In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.
You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

How do I access the tool?
Once your payment is submitted, you will be taken to a landing page with a link to download the tool. You will also receive an email with a download link.

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