How to Use the Care Fee Calculator

The Home Screen

This is the screen you see when you login. This short video describes the various buttons and ways to navigate around the tool.

Home Details

Set up your care home details the first time you enter the tool.

Fixed Costs

How to enter your Fixed Costs and establish a fixed cost per client value.

Staff Costs - Introduction

The Staff Costs section is split into 4 stages. This video outlines these stages and why they are setup in this way in order to accurately calculate your staff costs and cost of care delivery.

Staff Costs - Staff Profile (Part 1)

In this Part 1 of Staff Profiles I'll show you how this section looks the first time you enter and take you through entering the kind of information it needs and why it's so important to enter this data accurately for all of your staff.

Staff Costs - Staff Profile (Part 2)

In Part 2 I'll take you through a fully completed example for a 50-bed nursing home.

Staff Costs - Extra Employer Costs

Extra employer cost is significant. This video shows how this stage calculates your On-cost and Cover cost in order to set real average hourly rates and accurate overall costs and costs of care.

Staff Costs - Average Hourly Rates

From the information you entered in the previous two stages, this stage calculates your real average hourly rates (with on-cost and Cover cost) and 'blended' hourly rates if you use agency staff.

Weekly Staff Costs (Including Agency)

This final stage shows all your staff costs based on hours worked and real average hourly rates plus salaried staff and how much that works out to cost per client. It also shows a summary of your costs to show you minimum breakeven point for each client and how much daily each can receive as part of these costs.

Create Quotes

Having set up your care home details and entered all of your costs you can easily create accurate fee quotes in minutes and compare the fee you need against the fee your commissioner would like to pay. In this video you will be able to see the impact of a fee that is too low and how the tool gives you all the information you need to be able to address any questions and negotiate from a position of strength and clarity.

Once you win the client you see how to make them a client which protects your quote from future changes in your costs.

Bonus: How to Calculate Profit Correctly

If you like so many others calculate your fee as a percentage of your cost then you will not be making the profit margin you think and could be losing hundreds of pounds each week. Watch this short video to see how you should calculate your fee to make the profit margin you think you're making.